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When Daniel Weidlein set out to create BioSoul Music with studio designer and master acoustician Chris Owens, they had two primary goals:

Unlike many music studios which feature more of a dark and moody vibe, BioSoul provides a space that is bright, rejuvenating, and sustainable for artists.

Entering a music studio for a full day of recording can feel like entering a casino in Vegas. But when you begin a day of writing and recording at BioSoul Music, you can step outside through the glass studio door to catch some sunlight and a breath of fresh air. The large sound-proofed window in the iso booth makes vocal sessions feel less like you're trapped in a closet, and more like you're singing in your living room at home.

(Of course, if you like moody, BioSoul is lit entirely with Philips Hue color bulbs, so we can customize the space to fit your mood, whether dark or light.)

BioSoul Music is located just up the street from the Silver Lake Reservoir, numerous cafes and shops, and with easy access to the 2, 5, and 101 freeways. The studio is always equipped with a large tea selection, a few prized bottles of whiskey and scotch, and an extremely cute and hypo-allergenic rescue dog available upon request.

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