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 daniel weidlein

PRODUCER / COMPOSER / multi-Instrumentalist

    Daniel's love for production started when, at age 11, he subscribed to his first music production magazine and started experimenting with recording on the family iMac. That passion continued to grow alongside his training in classical piano, jazz saxophone (BM, USC Thornton School of Music), and composition.

    Inspired by other genre-bending producers such as Quincy Jones and Blake Mills, Daniel has recorded, written with, and produced artists across the musical spectrum, from pop singer Blake McGrath, to funk/soul artist Stan Taylor, to jazz saxophonist Bob Mintzer, to classical soprano, Julie Craig. 

    Working with Daniel brings you more than just his musical skill and technical mastery; at the forefront of each working experience is his deep love and extensive knowledge of a huge variety of genres, and what sounds and treatments will give your tracks that vibe




    Daniel is a resourceful and sensitive sounding board on song structure and harmony. He approaches songwriting with artists with musical and personal empathy first. Daniel adapts to the unique identity of every individual who comes in to BioSoul Music, and always aims to amplify and explore that artist's unique voice.

    As a producer, Daniel combines his skills as a sound engineer with his musical toolset, which includes

  • large format orchestration

  • string & brass arranging

  • choral and vocal arranging

  • film scoring

  • musical theatre arranging, and more...


    Daniel has a special affinity for working with singers. His own background as a vocal bass and backup singer (NBC's The Sing-OffSteve Harvey Show, Late Late Show with James Corden) allows him to provide an empathic and resourceful sounding board for singers in the studio. With deep technical and lyrical insight, Daniel won't just speak to the musicality of your takes, but also those qualities that listeners prize most in a song. It's not just about getting the "best" take, but about experimenting with different energy, allowing for playfulness and variety in your takes, and embracing vulnerability while delivering a lyric. 

    Among the singers who have loved recording with Daniel are Luke Edgemon (Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Nick Jonas, GLEE), Blake McGrathCrystal Lewis, Kirstin Maldonado (Pentatonix), and Cheyenne Jackson (30 Rock, GLEE, Hello Again).


As a vocalist, you're constantly at the mercy of your instrument's health as well as the intense vulnerability that comes with studio recording sessions, so you will find BioSoul Music is always well stocked with a large variety of herbal teas, a few bottles of whiskey, and a clean, comfortable sofa if you just need  a moment to decompress.

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Hit us up if you want to see BioSoul Music in person, meet Daniel, and see if our space is right for your next project!

"I love [Daniel] doing my vocals. He knows my voice, and he cares just as much about the artist as the music."

- Blake McGrath

"Dive In The Water" - Blake McGrath

Written by Blake McGrath, Daniel Weidlein, Ryan Amador

Produced by Daniel Weidlein

"Spectrum" - Ryan Amador ft. Jo Lampert & Gyassi Ross

Written by Ryan Amador & Daniel Weidlein

Produced by Daniel Weidlein & David Baloche

"In all of our [collaborations], Dan marries his love for innovation with his ongoing investigation of what makes certain music successful. With every musical choice, he accesses dynamic colors with sensitivity and emotional depth. And as a collaborator, he supports a perfect balance of artistic opinion and actual mindful listening of the artists in the room."

- Ryan Amador

"Vertigo" - Stan Taylor

Co-Written & Produced by Daniel Weidlein

"I had the pleasure of working with Dan on my debut album, Riffraff & Chivalry. Not only was he an awesome addition to the production team as a player and writer, but when it came down to specifically recording my vocals I couldn't have felt more comfortable, powerful, and guided through each song. [He kept] the session fluid with precise vocal technique guidance as well as emotional connection to help bring out my perfect performance with each take."

- Stan Taylor

"Butterflies Again" - HEWAN

Written by Hewan & Daniel Weidlein

Produced by Glaceazuka & Devin O.

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